Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stagecoach 2013


So much fun -- we loved it. There were amazing bands. Everyday there were about 15 different bands throughout the day and 3 stages. The only downfall -- WAY TOO HOT. I'm not a fan of 106 degree whether. More fun photos.....
Hootie -- AKA Darius Rucker

Random Cowboys

The crew.. missing Logan :(

Silly Andrew

Silly Desi


Desi and Andrew

The Schafers  :P

Fun Photos

Hanzel Winery - their oldest bottle from 1961

Private Wine Tour at Hanzel Winery

 Bottles, Bottles, and more bottles. Their cellar is amazing. It was so neat seeing a bottle of wine produced in the year we were born.

Beach Fun

Finally! I was able to get my photos off our camera. I think it's officially time to purchase a new camera. It took months to get the thing to respond to our computer -- maybe that's a sign we need a new camera and a new computer. Sometimes technology really pisses me off. ;/ grrr...

So I have tons of photos, however my memory is lacking so I figured sharing as much as I know is better than sharing nothing at all. That is, if Remington will leave me alone long enough to type and hopefully not misspell that many words.

Let's start with our visit to see The Habberstads and the adoptive Habberstad - Logan. :) Andrew and I visited, I think in January -- that's how long it's been since my camera has been on the fritz. eekkk, I know! :) Let me just say Logan is so lucky to have a beach in his back yard. It's beautiful. He is the typical surfer guy and women LOVE him. They just flock to him like a moth to a flame. I thought Remington was a chick magnet - but I think Logan gives him a run for his money. Seeing The Habberstads is always wonderful. They are such a welcoming bunch and we love their home. During our visit to Santa Clarita and Manhattan Beach - we walked on the board walk, attended a beach festival, went to lunch and dinner at wonderful restaurants and played in the sand. Andrew was even brave enough to try tandem surfing with Logan. :) As you all know, I'm more of the observer type - so I laughed my butt off watching as waves crash over Andrew and he falls into the water. Here are a few photos of the adventure. :)
Footprints in the sand

 These photos are from the boardwalk area right near Logan's house. We also visited the beach area in Santa Monica. It's all such a fun and booming area. There were people everywhere and street performers.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remington Photos

Life Summary

After the wedding we spent 8 days in Hawaii. It was a blast. We swam with dolphins, manta rays, and turtles. We hiked to the volcano, relaxed on the beach, and had yummy Mai Thai's by 10 AM everyday. (it was vacation -- and 5 o'clock somewhere). :)

Currently we are still in Sonoma working in the hospitality industry. We like Sonoma a lot - it's great weather, great wine, and great people. We took Remi hiking 2 days ago - at the Regional Valley Park. He enjoyed hiking along the groomed trails. It was an easy hike - and it led toward a small lake with ducks. I was afraid of the Mountain Lions, but Andrew said I was crazy.

Soon, we will be visiting home for Easter. We are very excited to see Brenna, a new niece. :) Also, my mom,  sister, and children will be visiting the farm as well. We are going to color Easter eggs, eat great food, and enjoy family time. Also, Allie is selling girl scout cookies -- so I'm definitely going to be eating some of those. :) They are my favorite!

Okay well - I'll update more when there is time. I'm not a good blogger... I'm surprised I haven't been kicked out of the club yet.


So 2012 is over now and it's been a very long time since I have wrote a blog. We have been busy - The most important thing that happened in 2012 was our wedding. Andrew and Jessica Schafer were 'hitched' on September 16, 2012. Here are some photos to enjoy... 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Remi's First Road Trip

I wanted to share some photos from the road trip. I have more, but here are a few to start. :)